Safety Playground Surface Installation

Considering the installation of a safety surface playground? Allpoints Property Services of Halifax has just the solution. Sofplay is a unique playground and play area surfacing product designed for safety as well as beautification around play area.

Sofplay provides superior shock absorption and impact protection from falls, the most common source of serious injuries related to playground activities. It greatly reduces chance for eye damage from children throwing sand, gravel, mulch, etc.

Sofplay synthetic turf systems are much more sanitary than sand, gravel, mulch and shredded tires. It is anti-microbial and not subject to bacterial buildup.

Sofplay eliminates the need to mow and trim underneath playground equipment and children do not get muddy from playing on it.

Most importantly, it protects children from cuts, scrapes and broken bones. Visit to learn more of this safety system and contact All Points Property Services who would be glad to give you a free quotation.

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